Ensure data protection policy

What personal data is processed

In all instances involving relationships with clients and other stakeholders, we make sure to obtain the information necessary for this purpose as presented in the established data processing agreement or as authorised by the individual.

Ensure assumes responsibility as Data processor, in relation to providing advice and other services pertaining to client relations. Ensure retains personal data as long as is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it is obtained, or as further authorised by or required by law.

In order to safeguard our clients rights in accordance with the new personal data regulations, a data processing agreement is established at the start of the client relationship.

Ensure require a statement of consent when providing advice necessitates accessing personal information. This is in order to ensure that the individual give consent and understand their rights pertaining to obtaining advice.

Private individuals can withdraw their consent at any time.

Provisions relevant to consent and data processing agreements are provided when these agreements are disseminated to companies and private individuals.

For further information regarding Ensure’s personal data policy, please contact:

Ensure West – Mogens Hangaard Rohde
Ensure East – Birger Nygaard
Ensure Pension – Gitte Ankersen


In specific circumstances, individuals have the right to request that Ensure:

  • Provide additional information on how we use and process the personal data of the individual in question,
  • Issue a copy of the personal data we have on the individual in question,
  • Update any inaccuracies in the personal data we have,
  • Delete personal data that we no longer have legal grounds to process,
  • Withdraw consent if processing is based on such consent,
  • Object to the processing of personal data that Ensure justifies through “legitimate interests” unless our basis for carrying out such processing supersedes the private rights of the individual, and
  • Limit our processing of the personal data while the client’s request is being handled.

These rights are subject to certain exemptions in order to safeguard public interests (such as the prevention or detection of criminal conduct) and our interests (such as maintaining confidentiality). We respond to most requests within 30 days.

If we are unable to find a solution to a question or objection, the individual can contact the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Ensure’s data policy is continuously updated in accordance with the regulatory conditions regarding personally sensitive data.

Do you wish to submit a complaint?

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