Ensure Insurance first saw the light of day on 1 October 2015 with partners Jacob Ellenhard and Birger Nygaard at the helm.

When Ensure Insurance was founded, the market was dominated by large, foreign-owned brokerages. To be the ones who had time for customers and did away with pre-fabricated package solutions – this was the niche market position we were always seeking to fill.

Fundamental values

Although we felt the impact of the financial crisis, we stood firmly by our core beliefs:

  • There should be time for our customers.
  • Customers should be served individually, not in large groups.
  • Every customer should have their own assigned adviser.

To this very day we can see in our customers that these values are still what matter the most. The strategy we stuck with both during and after the financial crisis ensured us that we retained our customers – and have continued to win new ones.

Our mission

For us at Ensure it’s not simply about placement of customer insurance and possible savings – it’s about advising. We provide our customers assistance and feedback on contracts, risk strategy, choice of insurance, etc.

Naturally, our customers are eager to reduce their insurance costs, but as experience has shown, disappointment over poor quality is remembered long after, while the enjoyment of the low price is quickly forgotten.

As such the customer’s need to have a highly competent adviser on their side is far greater than cost savings.

We have been involved in international insurance and been a member of WBN from the very beginning, as this has been one of our key priorities. That way we can make sure that our customers receive the same exceptional service from competent employees across national borders.

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