Ensure International Insurance Broker

The search for a few strong partners with the means to establish a foundation for the organisation and advance its development in Denmark’s capital region led to Jacob Ellenhard and Birger Nygaard.

With Jacob and Birger at the helm, Ensure Insurance was established in the greater Copenhagen area in October of 2015.

Ensure International Pension Broker

The story of Ensure Pension Brokers goes back to the autumn of 2014. It began with an ambition to create something significant and a mission to challenge the status quo in the pension brokerage industry.

Former colleagues Lars Sørensen, Martin Lauridsen, and Lasse Siggaard joined forces and laid the initial groundwork to make a noticeable difference in the pension and insurance brokerage sector.

It was a successful start-up, with a wide range of partnerships established with clients – partnerships that still remain with Ensure Pension Brokers to this day. On July 1st, 2017, the company became part of the larger Ensure International Insurance & Pension Broker, as it is known today.

“We founded our company on the values of professionalism, integrity, thoroughness, and trustworthiness, and these are the same values for which our customers know us today.”

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