Impartial and independent insurance advice

At Ensure, we focus on the special needs of lawyers and accountants when it comes to insurance. We have in-depth knowledge of the core areas, but also of the special circumstances that apply to organisations with special advisory responsibilities.

The market has changed

The development in recent years, with an increasing number of claims made directly against lawyers and accountants, means that insurers have a limited risk appetite for these professions and, in general, for companies with advisory liability.

Specialist knowledge of the insurance market is therefore essential for optimal placement of corporate liability programmes, and targeted and continuous monitoring of the market is just as crucial.

For example, do you know if your liability programme is sufficient in relation to your clients’ expectations and requirements? And do you have a defined premium for replenishing the sum insured?

How are you covered when an employee or partner resigns?

Special attention needs to be paid when employees or partners leave the company, depending on whether they are retiring or moving on to another company. There are differences in the run-off coverage of each policy, which also depends on the severance agreement and the continued employment of the individual.

If you need expertise to cover employee and partner departure challenges, Ensure is at your service.

Runoff insurance

Runoff insurance covers liability for damages that have occurred while the lawyer is practising, but where the claim only arises after the lawyer has stopped practising or resigned.

A lawyer and accountant liability insurance policy covers on “claims made” terms. This means that the policy covers claims made during the policy period.

If the claim against a former lawyer or accountant is only made after they have left the firm, this will need to be covered by a run-off insurance policy.

Business terms vs. insurance coverage

Are there gaps in the interaction between your terms and conditions and insurance coverage?

The terms and conditions contain a description of the service, including the description and limitation of liability. For example, there is often a limited sum for liability.

We ensure that your terms and conditions are synchronised with your insurance coverage.

Cyber attacks affect everyone – how is your organisation secured?

Cybercrime is a growing challenge for all organisations.

All law firms and accounting firms process and store sensitive personal data, making them particularly exposed and at potential risk of cyber-attacks.

It’s not just the direct damage in the form of data restoration where the organisation can be financially affected and suffer a loss.

The risks of cyber attacks can also be:

  • Ransomware, where your system/data is “locked” and hackers demand ransom
  • The liability you may incur by not handling sensitive personal data correctly
  • Operational loss/additional cost as a result of the above incidents

How does cyber insurance interact with your company’s IT policy?

We are independent insurance brokers with legal responsibility for our work

At Ensure, just like lawyers and accountants, we also have a special responsibility as advisors. Therefore, you can count on us to understand your specific circumstances.

As an insurance advisor, we look after your interests while guaranteeing you an optimal insurance solution based on your specific needs. We give you an overview via a written insurance policy, specially developed for the industry.

You also get a dedicated insurance broker who takes responsibility for negotiating with insurance companies. And all the necessary day-to-day servicing.

Do you have an insurance policy today?

As an Ensure customer, we ensure that you can feel secure in your insurance commitments. We give you a full overview of your insurance programme using our special tool with personalised access and various action options.

If you choose Ensure as your insurance broker, we act as your professional advisor and take full legal responsibility for your insurance policies.

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